Services Offered by TK Investigations:



Undercover surveillance is often needed for suspicions of infidelity, child custody compliance, activity checks and insurance fraud.

We are licensed to perform these operations and perform them with complete discretion as to never inform anyone of who are clients are.

We provide our clients with with a full written report of all the details and all the informational discovered on a day to day basis. We also will provide all video documentation showing our work on your case as this can often be used in court hearings.


Background checks are extremely common for employers wanting to confirm information about a potential employee, as well as to determine if individual has a criminal history on not only on a state level, but a national level as well if they have lived in other areas of the country.They can confirm registered vehicles and other items such as motorcycles, trailers, and marine vehicles

Skip Tracing is another name to basically locate a persons whereabouts. This person may need to be found so they can be served a lawsuit, provide witness testimony, or they may just owe you money and you need to find where they are at or get their current address, email and phone number.



This unfortunately has been an increasing need for a private investigator year after year. With over 50% of marriages failing and well over 50% of couples have at least 1 person in the relationship that is being unfaithful to their partner. We provide a discreet and professional job in how we determine if your spouse or partner is being unfaithful.

Many times we also show that the spouse or partner is not being unfaithful and this alone can provide a sense of relief to our clients and they can rest easy that all is not what it appears to be. Sometimes piece of mind is all that is really needed. Again, we will provide all obtained video footage.



Child custody can be one of the most stressful situations a newly separated parent can experience. Making sure your former partner is abiding by the rules set forth by the courts such as a safe environment. Certain individuals can not be present in front of the child not at the child's outside activities. All these are examples of why a private investigator would be needed to make certain your looking out for your child or relatives well being. Elder abuse is another issue as well. As boomers begin to grow into the retirement community, they often have assigned providers who can be in charge of their financial arrangements and living conditions.

Remember that this is something you cannot do on your own or ask a friend to do as you have to be licensed to perform this type of work or it can be interpreted as stalking and can result in an arrest and/or fine.


Insurance fraud is a growing crime in Oklahoma that creates insurance rates to raise annually and effects the innocent policy holders who use their insurance for what it is designed for. Each year over $80 billion dollars in insurance claims are paid out and well over 25% of those are considered false or misleading. Raising insurance premiums are directly related to so many fraudulent cases and therefore a Special Investigation Unit (SIU) is often deployed in order to investigate these claims and gather evidence for those that are false. At TK Investigations, we obtain evidence, recorded statements from insured's, claimants(those filing against your insurance), and witnesses. These statements along with evidence and documentation is then presented to attorneys who then will often threaten litigation against the individuals filing false claims or even have criminal charges filed against those making the false claims. SIU is an integral part of fighting insurance fraud and saves hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Property Insurance Fraud, Workers Compensation Fraud, Automobile Insurance Fraud are the most common types of fraud committed and we work directly with Fire Marshall's and Investigators, Police Departments, and other state and federal institutions as we gather evidence to present to the isnurnce companies direct or to the legal counsel representing them.


Corporate investigations in Oklahoma is another growing need as companies tend to grow so quickly that employers often aren't always aware of who all their employees are and if their business is as secure as it should be. TK Investigations provides Background Checks that provide a persons criminal history as well as any current and past litigation's they have been involved in. Employee and Witness Interrogations is also offered for companies who need employees to be interviewed while gathering evidence proving wrongdoing. Fraud investigations is also another type of problem with employees who may be stealing merchandise and then attempting to resell it.

TK Investigations has proven techniques that will help identify if any of these conditions are present in a business.