TK Investigations Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Do I need a Private Investigator?

This is the most common question asked by clients and it can be answered very simply. If you are not licensed to perform such activities as surveillance, you can be cited and even arrested by law enforcement. This could lead to a VPO(Victim Protection Order) or Restraining Order being filed against you.  A licensed professional P.I. has the tools necessary to provide you a professional and discreet performance. Attorneys often hire private investigators to locate witnesses and perform interviews on cases they have been retained on.


What Rates Are Charged for Private Investigative Services?

Our rates vary based on the job, the length of the job, and the complexity of the job. Background checks and skip traces are a quoted a flat rate depending on the information you are looking for(location, court records, assets etc), while surveillance is based on an hourly rate which can vary based on how long you want the individual being watched or in what manner.  They usually range between $35-$100 per hour plus other expenses if necessary such as mileage and fuel costs. During your preliminary consultation, all these costs will be discussed and you can base your decision on how you want to proceed.


Is this something I can just do on my own?

Many clients often think they can do their own investigating yet they soon realize that not only is it difficult, but they realize they don't know where to start and where to finish. A licensed private investigator is trained specifically for surveillance and witness interviewing. We know the proper way to follow an individual and monitor their activities in a legal and safe manner. We handle all these things on your behalf without ever revealing your identity. Investigators also have access to databases that are not available to the public when it comes to background checks and skip tracing. Often the ones you pay for online are extremely out of date and unreliable.




As a professional licensed private investigator, I meet with my clients first to go over the case they want investigated and go over what to expect as far as communications, reports, video/photo footage, court documents, fee's and any other matters of concern or importance. I never guarantee results, but I do guarantee professional work and will dedicate myself to making sure my clients are well informed and understand where the case is at during its duration. Please contact me below if you are interested in going over your issue at hand and we can then meet for a free consultation and determine if this is a case we can work together on.

From simple background checks to a more comprehensive background checks showing criminal activity, assets owned etc, I have access to background databases that are not available to the public. Helping you with your case and getting court documents, or simply doing surveillance to see if your spouse, mate, elder, or child is behaving in a manner that is expected...or not. Serving all of the Oklahoma City metro area.