When professionalism and privacy matter most...


TK Investigations is proud to announce that it now serves the greater Oklahoma City Metro area. At TK Investigations you can expect a thorough, discreet and professional service. Many times a situation comes across where you don’t know what to do and you don’t even know where to start. From a cheating spouse, background checks, skip trace(finding an individual), child custody rules not being followed, or insurance fraud. There are times when someone is claiming full disability while getting paid with your tax dollars, yet come to find out they are fully capable of contributing to society. That’s where TK investigations comes into play. Our proven methods and practices are effective and often worth the time and money you have invested. A professional private investigator will often discover items that will put your mind at ease during times where you are certain something is wrong, but often can be something entirely different.

Not all Oklahoma private investigation agencies are the same and those who watch excessive TV seem to think it’s easy and clean. In reality, it can be extremely difficult and trying, especially if you are investigating someone who doesn’t want to be caught or are effective in hiding their tracks. TK Investigations will never make a promise it can't keep and will absolutely promise a professional, thorough and discreet investigation. We never reveal who are clients are.

Each Private Investigation Agency tends to have specific services they specialize in. TK Investigations specializes in Private Investigations, Domestic Investigations, Insurance Fraud Investigations and Corporate/Business Investigations.


Domestic Surveillance

Do you need eyes on a subject to confirm their whereabouts, infidelity, child custody compliance or more?

Background checks & skip trace

Needing information on a business partner, new love interest or needing to locate someone?